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What is Black Hat SEO and How to Avoid it ?

    Our last post was about White Hat SEO i hope you gather enough knowledge about white hat seo. Today i’ll talk over with you concerning some necessary words that are used on Search Engine Optimization  world. when knowing this, you’ll have enough plan concerning Black Hat SEO. From our previews post we  learned about White hat Seo. Today we learn about black hat seo and how to avoid it,
    Black hat SEO: It’s opposition of white hat that’s mean it doesn’t optimize the foundations given by Search Engine. Black hat SEO contains keyword stuffing, cloaking ,link farm, hidden text etc. it’s known as unethical SEO.
    Cloaking: this can be such reasonably techniques which will show in Search Engine one reasonably contents except for user this content are going to be another one. during this system once a page request send to server then information processing address or user agent simply perceive, is it boot, crawler, spider, scooter or human. once it perceive that it’s spider then it send constant page, however once it perceive that it’s human then it send another page. this can be black hat SEO.
    Link Farm: Opening lots of  site and provides each site link in each alternative site is understood as link farm. It increase the each sites back link. Your website are known as spamdexing, if you got caught. Spamdexing is your website are marked by Search Engine that you simply have break the rules provided by them. If Search Engine marked your website as spamdexing then it means that your SEO gone into a trash. Your website is marked as spamdexing for several reason like link farming, keyword stuffing, threshold pages, cloaking straight cut if you done black hat SEO.
    Keyword Stuffing: It’s a part of black hat SEO. It’s a system that overloading the page with most typical keyword. generally hidden entry tutor used for enter this sort of keyword, this keyword keep hidden for user however visible for Search Engine. generally create each text and background color same thus it stay hidden for user. Keyword stuffing sometime known as as keyword loading. this is often black hat SEO.
    Gateway or Doorway Page: it’s like creating a page with very little information only with some lines, those lines only contains keyword for this reason search ranking will increase however there haven’t any information for user. This page has links to alternative pages or redirects to a different page. It additionally called entry page, portal page, jump page, bridge page etc.
    I try to give you enough knowledge about Black hat SEO hope you understand what is black hat seo and always try to avoid above steps for safe your website or blog from search engine penalty always try to do white hat seo for your blog or website.

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