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What is the most important for On Page SEO ?

    We will discuss about On Page SEO . But at first we need to know what is On-page optimization ??
    The tasks which we have to do into a website to optimize are called On-page optimization. At the time of designing a website we need to finish some search engine related tasks to help search engine to find out website, and this term is known as On-page optimization. I think I have given a clear definition about On-page optimization.But If you think you haven’t understood clearly , I recommend you to read out some blog sites to learn more .Then you will get a clear idea about On Page Optimization.It will be clearer when I will discuss it with some examples.
    On-page optimization plays a significant role in Search Engine Optimization. As a result Iif you done any mistake in On-page optimization then the Search Engine will be unable to find out your website . So you need to utilize this term properly .Here are issues that are related to the On-page Optimization .
    1) Keyword Research
    2) Meta Tag and Meta Description
    3) Content
    4) XML Site Map
    5) Google Site Map
    There are more topics about On Page SEO but the uppers are more important for on page optimization . If you can gather knowledge about these mentioned topics you need not learn on page optimization.

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    1. Brother.I have Question.Meta Keywords are also one of the On Page factor right.But many of many say that,Now a days search engines are not giving value to Meta Keywords and We don't need to use them.Is this information Correct???Can you please say me Meta Keywords does have value or not

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